Process - Architecture process

Alison Dodds offer full architectural services from design inception to completion.


We offer full architectural services, from design inception to completion.


Initial Meeting & Fee Proposal

You are encouraged to express your vision, brief and project requirements during our first meeting. This initial contact also gives you the opportunity to see how we work and the process involved to complete the build. Ideally you will provide us with a copy of the title and or any site particulars. Assuming our visions are compatible, we would then be able to provide you with a fee proposal specific to your property and project.

Site Analysis & Concept Design

Upon engagement of our services, we assess and document the site conditions. This may involve engaging a land surveyor to provide us with more detailed and site specific information. With your brief, budget and relevant regulation constraints in mind, we begin the evolving process creating design concepts, which is a collaborative process between architect and client.

Town Planning Drawings/Local Council Liaison

This phase involves creating and submitting full Town Planning Drawings & documents* in application to the local council. This would include site analysis plans, floor/site plans, elevations, shadow diagrams, streetscape elevations and a report which satisfies the applicable planning provisions. We administer the application through the town planning process until a notice of decision has been granted and a permit issued.

*Note: Not all projects require planning approval.

Contract Documentation

Contract Documentation entails full working drawings and project specifications, which details all the technical information required to construct the building. This phase brings together details from consultants such as the structural engineer and energy rater.

Builder Tendering

Tendering involves sourcing builders to provide a quotation for the proposed work. We are able to provide you with the names of several reliable builders with whom we have worked. On selection of a builder, contract documentation is finalised in order to obtain a Building Permit.

Contract Administration

Administering the contract involves regular site visits to; check and assess progress of the works, assess and certify progress payments and assess and issue claims for variations and contract sum adjustments. At conclusion of the project, our role is to determine completion and final certification. This process is a quality control over the project, and ensures the builder undertakes the work as designed, specified and scheduled in the contract documents.